Specialty Grocery Stores in the DMV

January 22, 2020 | Uncategorized | By: The Goodhart Group

Who doesn’t love food?

DC’s food scene has made impressive strides over the past couple of decades, with world-renowned chefs like Jose Andres catering to our thriving market and a few Michelin star ratings bestowed upon some of our greatest new options.

But what about groceries? If you’re not Instacart-enabled, or you just plain enjoy touching, smelling, and looking at beautiful grocery displays like we do, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite grocery stores in the DC area. Plan a big, bold dinner party, and stock up on fresh Mid-Atlantic edibles at one of these nearby outposts:


Mom’s Organic Market

Mom's Organic Market

Image via Mom’s Organic Market


This local grocery store chain has expanded exponentially in the past few years. Growing from a a just couple locations, to a major regional player, Mom’s focuses on organic produce, local products, and local people. They have even begun opening cafe style service at many of their locations with a branded name of “Naked Lunch”, offering great, fresh items like smoothies, juices, salads, and sandwiches. This location is one of our favorites as it’s just minutes away from our Old Town office! 


Glen’s Garden Market

Glen's Garden Market

Via Glen’s Garden Market


Started a few years ago by a local female entrepreneur and friend of The Goodhart Group, this shop in DuPont boasts all the local wares, beers, and sustainable food options your heart could desire! With local and regional wines, IPA’s, and even sparkling wine on tap, this place is known to have an insanely busy outdoor seating section on a warm evening. Standing room only coffee bar by day and a full deli in the back, this small’ish grocery store also has local produce, dry goods, refrigerated, and even frozen goods stocked. With an emphasis on hyper-local products, like DC-local craft kombucha options, you’ll get a smattering of the best the District produces. 


Farmer’s Markets

DMV Farmer's Markets

Via VisitAlexandriaVA.com


With a plethora of produce and prepared foods bursting out of the Mid-Atlantic region, our year-round farmers markets are a must. Most markets operate spring to late fall, but several, including our own Old Town Farmers Market, are robust enough to operate right through the winter. The Old Town market is such an impressive sight to behold. It’s actually the oldest farmers market that’s been continuously held at the same site, so long in fact that George Washington himself used to send his produce to the market to be sold locally! Now a days it’s still thriving every Saturday morning with more than 70 vendors offering everything from fresh local produce and bread to soaps and jewelry. Fresh Farm also operates a network of markets in the area, including the fantastic Dupont Circle market on Sunday mornings.




Soapstone Market is located in the Van Ness Neighborhood of DC. Pouring over with not only speciality groceries but also deliciously prepared foods, it also features taps to keep your glass filled all night. They host various tastings from coffee to beer that will keep everyone pleased.




Of course there are plenty of other markets to choose from like Whole Foods, Balducci’s and Wegman’s for an upscale experience, Giant and Safeway for general goods, Aldi and Trader Joe’s for quirky and affordably products and many other great options throughout the DC Metro area. They’re waiting for you to discover their individual charm!