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Our 10 Most Read Blogs of 2016

January 12, 2017 | Buying a Home | By: Allison

As 2016 drew to a close, we were curious. Which were our most read blogs of 2016? What are our readers most interested in? So, we took a look at the list and were unsurprised to see there were a wide variety of topics represented. Check out our top 10 most read blogs of 2016 and comment below to let us know what YOU would like to hear about in 2017.

Our Most Read Blogs of 2016

  1. CRAVING NEW CONSTRUCTION? HERE ARE THE LATEST PROJECTS IN OLD TOWN.  Our #1 most read blog of the year is all about Old Town New Construction. There are several new construction developments that are still available. This article gives you the latest scoop!
  2. CLINTON V TRUMP. WHAT THIS RACE MEANS FOR THE DC REAL ESTATE MARKET. We were not surprised that this was one of our more popular blogs of the year, given how tuned into the race everyone seemed to be this past election cycle. Though not in the top 10, you might also check out our post-election analysis on what a Trump Presidency could mean for our area and where the real estate market goes from here.   election DC market
  3. HOW MUCH MONEY WILL YOU GET WHEN YOU SELL YOUR HOME?   In other words, what’s the bottom line? This is a question we receive constantly, so we decided to walk through how to calculate your net proceeds in this blog selling home
  4.  SHOULD YOU BUY BEFORE THE RING?  This popular post was a part of a full relationship series, where we wrote different articles about the pros and cons of buying a house throughout various relationship stages. In this article, we analyzed if you should buy a house with or without your significant other before you’re engaged. A controversial topic for sure! Sue and Allison also spoke about this topic on Let’s Talk Live on WJLA.  
  5. DECODING THE REAL ESTATE CONTRACT. A more technical piece, this article explains the ins and outs of the terms of our local real estate contract here in the DC Metro area. Not as exciting as some of our other pieces admittedly, but probably one of the most helpful, especially for first time buyersreal estate contract
  6. ALEXANDRIA HAS HEART: THE SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS WALK.  This article is an exploration of why we love Alexandria’s signature event, the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend.  As donors, volunteers and board members, we love The Campagna Center, the organization that puts on this wonderful event.  If you haven’t attended in the past, mark your calendars now for the first weekend of December in 2017! 
  7. THE HGTV EFFECT: THE REAL REALITY OF REALITY REAL ESTATEWant to know what’s real about those HGTV shows? Here’s what you need to know and how reality real estate TV can be both harmful and helpful to buyers and sellers in our market.  
  8. ARE WE SNOBS?  Alexandria was ranked as one of America’s snobbiest cities.  Our reaction… really!?  We decided to look at the evidence, from lifestyle options to Alexandria real estate ourselves.  Read the article for our conclusion! 
  9. WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING NEW CONSTRUCTION.  Another new construction article! No surprise here as new construction is hot. We explain here everything you need to know before buying new construction… what you don’t know could cost you! You can also check out the rest of our what to know series, including articles on buying historic homes and buying a fixer upperbuying new construction
  10. 6 TIPS TO UPGRADE YOUR BATHROOM THIS WEEKEND. Part of our weekend transformation series, in this article we explore 6 easy tips for updating your bathroom in just a couple of days. Read on for quick and easy ways to increase your enjoyment at home – and boost your value!  What are you waiting for? 


There you have it! Our 10 most read blogs of 2016. We would love to hear from you. Which blogs were your favorite? What would you like us to write more about in 2017? Our goal is to serve you with any real estate questions or needs.

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