Hummingbird at The Hotel Indigo

June 29, 2017 | Inside Alexandria | By: Allison

The long anticipated Hummingbird restaurant – as part of The Hotel Indigo on the Old Town waterfront –  has arrived and we have to say, we are fans! With a large waterfront patio, stylish interior space with a long bar, prime location and pedigree as part of Cathal Armstrong’s restaurant empire, the hype could easily have made the space overrated.  Lucky for all of us Alexandria and Old Town residents, that is not the case!

We went with a party of five – plus a baby – and sat in the spacious outdoor patio overlooking the Potomac.  The setting was truly lovely.  There was a steady buzz from other patrons, but tucked in its quiet location two blocks off of King Street, Hummingbird felt surprisingly like a local hideaway despite its hotel setting.

Our party started with a bottle of wine and some appetizers – including the tzatziki, crabcakes, and endive salad – all delicious and easy to share.  The caesar salad with anchovies also looked divine and is on our list for our next visit.

Next up, we dined on steak, a beautifully grilled whole Branzino with four dipping sauces, and a clam bake which included lobster, octopus, clams, mussels, chorizo, potatoes, onion and corn.  YUM!

For dessert we had the Hummingbird Pie, Key Lime Bar, Cream Cheese Cake & Artisanal Cheese Plate.  A mud pie and cherry pie also looked very tempting.

The entire Hummingbird menu and experience were lovely, very much like an evening out at a nice restaurant in a casual beach town. The menu had a fabulous offerings, including cocktails. Next time, we are dying to try the slushy style cosmo! Our only complaint? Some bugs at the end of the evening – something we were happy to overlook on such a pleasant evening enjoying wonderful food and wine with great company.

Bottom line? We highly recommend it and have a feeling if you check it out, you will likely spot members of our team. We will definitely be back often for dinner, and to check out the brunch, breakfast and lunch services coming soon. Hummingbird is definitely a welcome addition to the Old Town waterfront!

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