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Home Design Trends for 2019

January 25, 2019 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Home Design Trends for 2019

New year, new designs! 2019 is serving up some interesting new home design trends, from style to color to materials. We have searched countless articles, talked to designers, and researched social media shifts in fashion to bring you the latest collection of home design trends for the new year.  


Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral. Pantene calls it “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” In our shifting world, Living Coral is meant to provide warmth, comfort, and, energy to those who soak in it. Additionally, blush tones are the new neutral. When paired with grey and neutral colors, they provide a neutralizing effect.

Color of the year - Living Coral


kitchen design trendWhile fabulous backsplash tile is not revolutionary, we love the new trend of counter-to-ceiling backsplashes. When the kitchen is on display in an open layout home, a full-tile wall creates an impactful focal point. A couple of extra square feet of tile will bring a dramatic effect to the room, whether you’re using simple subway tile or a bolder option, such as a geometric tile.

Homeowners are ready to embrace a dramatic kitchen: enter the color black. Black range hoods, dark cabinets, and dark fixtures are becoming increasingly popular, creating a dynamic, high-contrast look. Black accents provide an elegance that people are embracing.kitchen design trend - black


Stand-alone dining room benches offer storage, comfort, and a great look that won’t break the bank. Built-ins can be expensive, which is why people are turning to stand-alone furniture. These benches provide storage for place settings, blankets, or other miscellaneous items. They also create a lounge area effect, where people will feel comfortable spending time.


2019 is all about the “Destination Bathtub.“ People who enjoy taking baths, enjoy taking baths. Free-range tubs, especially with a view, are an experience people don’t have to leave their homes to enjoy. Bathing becomes an event people look forward to when the setting is beautiful. Bathroom redesign trend 2019

Wood vanities are making a return, bringing some warmth into the bathroom. Wood vanities complement white, green, or blue bathrooms. They pair nicely with vintage trends while maintaining a traditional look. Warmer wooden tones are in!


open floor design trend 2019Open floor plans are more popular than ever before. A new trend is glass room dividers, which allow homeowners to keep the open flow, but create privacy and some noise control. Add some steel or cement dividers in between the doors to create an elegant look. The glass allows light to pass through rooms while still providing separation.

Accent rooms are in, while accent walls are out. Many homeowners are putting darker colors everywhere-walls, ceilings, and as accents. Accent rooms give a cozier, more finished feeling, compared to one eccentric wall.


Artisan pieces are a wonderful way to support local artists and small businesses while adding a unique element to your room. Antiques and handmade fixtures like lighting personalize your home. Natural elements are easy to incorporate into your home. Houseplants bring a calm, fresh feeling to your home. 

Antiques and handmade fixtures design trend 2019

Bucket sinks are family-friendly and add a special touch to your bathroom or kitchen. Farmhouse style is all the rage and these vintages sinks are poised to make a comeback. 


The mExterior design trend 2019odern farmhouse look isn’t limited to home interiors. Exteriors are seeing the same charm with textures, such as board and batten siding. These materials create a homey look and are a refreshing change from the common brick. We’re seeing this sort of siding popping up in all settings, from downtown DC to Aldi, VA.


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