Halloween During COVID

Halloween During COVID

October 19, 2020 | Lifestyle & Community | By: The Goodhart Group

Halloween 2020 will certainly be unlike any other year! With COVID-19 still a major concern and case numbers on the rise in many parts of the country, many people are wondering what Halloween during COVID will look like.

First things first. Is it safe to go trick or treating?

According to Sandra Kesh, M.D., a new York area infectious disease specialist, if you live in an area where the prevalence of COVID-19 is lower and establishments and businesses are open (or have re-opened), trick or treating is likely safe – with some new precautions. In areas where community spread of COVID is still an issue, it’s best to skip the usual door-to-door Halloween activities.

What are the risks of trick or treating? Dr. Kesh’s main concern is the congregation of large groups to treat or treat. “Getting a piece of candy from a house, bringing it home, and then eating it, I think that’s less problematic,” Dr. Kesh says.

So what’s the best way for your family to celebrate Halloween this year? Read on for our best tips on enjoying Halloween during COVID safely — and creatively.

How To Make Trick or Treating Safer During COVIDHalloween During COVID

  • Take your child trick or treating alone. While that takes out much of the Halloween fun, it’s by far the safest option.
  • If your child does go with other kids, limit the group to no more than four others that you know have taken COVID precautions and will be masked and maintain social distancing.
  • Try to maintain a social distance of six feet from non-family members.
  • For any children over two, make a cloth mask part of his or her costume. The CDC notes that a costume mask is not a suitable substitute for a cloth mask. Do not put a costume mask on top of the cloth mask.
  • Use hand sanitizer throughout the evening.
  • Once home, wipe down the candy packages (or let them sit for a couple of days opening them – we know, easier said than done).
  • As always, make sure your child wears something reflective and that the costume does not present any tripping or fire hazards.

Giving Out the Treats

If you’re the one at home giving out candy, keeping yourself (and your visitors) safe with these tips:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before handling the treats.
  • Wear a cloth mask. Here are some fun masks that double as costumes for adults!
  • Give out the treats outdoors.
  • Do not offer the candy from a big bowl or hand kids the treats. Instead, lay the treats out on a table for the kids to take. Alternatively, set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take.
  • Sanitize your hands in between visitors.

Other Way to Celebrate Halloween During COVID

If you’re leaning towards skipping trick or treating this year, here are some other ideas for ways for your family to celebrate the big day.

  • Go apple or pumpkin picking
  • Organize a socially-distanced “trunk or treat.”
  • “Boo” some neighbors that need a pick-me-up
  • Host a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt
  • Have a virtual pumpkin carving party or contest.
  • Organize an outdoor costume parade.
    Host an outdoor Halloween movie night.
  • Visit a haunted forest or corn maze (with masks and one-way walkthroughs). Avoid indoor haunted houses this year.
  • The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Celebrating Halloween during COVID certainly presents some unique challenges. But with some safety precautions and creative thinking, it can be done!

If you have other ideas, please reach out so we can add them to this post.

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