condo moving tips

Condo Moving Tips

April 27, 2019 | Buying a Home | By: The Goodhart Group

Condo Moving Tips

Moving into a condo vs. a detached home presents some unique challenges. From parking for the moving truck to extra fees, there’s a lot to consider and plan. First, you should start by asking some key questions of your new building’s management. Learn more below with our top tips for moving into a condo.

First Things First

Long before you plan to move in (as soon as you have your settlement date), check with the condo manager to learn when exactly you’ll be able to move in. The building may have set hours for moves; some even prohibit Sunday moves. Be sure to secure a date and time with the condo manager before talking to any movers.

Most condo buildings have a maximum number of hours allotted for moves. Make note of this number and share this information with your mover. A tight move-in window may mean hiring a larger moving crew (and a higher moving cost).

Ask the condo manager about booking an elevator for your moving day. Many condo buildings have a special entrance and /or freight elevators used specifically for moving purposes. You may not be allowed to use regular elevators or the main entrance during your move — even for smaller items. The building may also have a loading dock or moving room that must be used during your move. Keep in mind that if your movers have to use stairs for any part of your move, they may charge an additional fee.

If parking is limited near your new condo, ask the manager about booking a parking spot for the moving truck. You may need to work with the local government jurisdiction to do so.

Expect Some Fees

The condo may require you to make a “damage deposit” in advance of your move. This deposit can run several hundred dollars but is refundable — assuming your move doesn’t cause any damage to the building.

Some condos charge a non-refundable “move-in fee” as well. This fee covers things like padding the elevators, having a supervisory staff member on-site, and cleaning up from your move. The association may also charge a fee to reprogram your buzzer and update the building directory and mailboxes with your information.

Clean Up

The condo will request that you remove all of your moving debris from any common areas such as hallways and elevators. Typically, most buildings require that boxes be flattened, bound with twine, and placed in appropriate disposal bins.


Ask the condo manager which utilities you are responsible for setting up and which the building handles. Also, inquire if any meters need to be read upon moving in. Once you have these answers, book the installation of your cable, internet, and/or telephone as close to your move-in date as possible.

Remember, your buzzer will need to be re-programmed to allow visitors to access to your unit. Arrange to do so as soon as you’ve moved in you so you can buzz in utility workers, technicians, and couriers.

The Bottom Line

Moving into a condo is a bit more complicated than moving into a single family home or even a townhouse. There are a lot of extra considerations! Start the process by connecting with your new condo manager to get the scoop and be sure to relay all pertinent information to your mover.

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