Compass Concierge: How We Helped Our Seminary Ridge Sellers Get Their Home Ready for the Market

February 18, 2021 | Client Case Study | By: Sue

Our clients, long-time residents living at 3904 Colonel Ellis Avenue, were looking to move out of the state in order to be closer to their family. The wife had disabilities and the husband was overwhelmed with preparing the home for the market and moving. He needed help with making all of the improvements and fixes needed for the home to be ready for buyers. Here is where my team and I came in. 

I was able to do a thorough evaluation of what needed to be done to the home to prepare it for the market. These fixes would allow our sellers to sell their home quickly for a great price. The updates included updating the kitchen, painting the entire interior of the home, and refreshing the bathrooms and the lower level. 

Some exterior work was necessary as well, such as landscaping to help improve the general curb appeal of the home.

We then gave the owner the estimates so he could approve them, which totaled about $74,000. As you can imagine, this is often the most stressful part of the process, though with Concierge, our team is able to coordinate all of this for the sellers. He then applied for the Compass Concierge program which covered the upfront costs at no charge. Our team then went to work hiring contractors and ensuring the work was properly completed. 

With Compass Concierge, you can get up to $75,000 fronted in home improvement costs just like these sellers did.

After the home went on the market last March, the owners received twice the return of their investment on their sale without any effort on their part. We handled all logistics in coordinating and implementing updates. The owners paid for the work at closing — at no interest. Ultimately the home sold for over asking price in just six days.  

“Yvonne and I had no doubt who would be our realtor having watched your professional success in selling homes in our neighborhood and your countless good works that were your trademark in the community. Your personal attention to every detail in the preparation of our home for sale and your communication with us as we moved to an out-of-state area was appreciated. We had no idea the skill it took to sell a home and the speed and efficiency involved. Thanks to you and The Goodhart Group.” 

-Joe and Yvonne Hillings, sellers from 3904 Colonel Ellis Avenue. 

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