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The Advantages of Using Compass

June 11, 2019 | Real Estate | By: The Goodhart Group

The Advantages of Using Compass

There are so many reasons we love our new brokerage, Compass — its commitment to cutting-edge technology (check out its revolutionary real estate sign), innovative marketing, philosophy of Compass Real Estate Signgiving back, and amazing client services. We are particularly excited about two Compass programs that make the real estate process infinitely easier for our clients.


Bridge Loans

In order to help clients buy a new home before they have sold their current one, Compass has teased its own bridge loan program, which is coming soon. Compass Bridge Loans provide security to sellers by offering simple and fair bridge loans that allow them to purchase their next home before their current home sells (be sure to read our post on buying and selling at the same time). With this loan, a buyer can confidently buy their next home, move their family, and then list their current home with Compass.

As an added benefit, moving before selling allows us to stage a home while it’s vacant — which has proven to lead to a higher sale price!

Compass Concierge

staging your homeExclusive to Compass, the Concierge program is designed to help sellers with the costs of preparing their home for sale. As the listing agent, we work with sellers to assess every opportunity to increase their home’s value through cosmetic fixes. Our tailored plan may include services such as staging, painting, deep cleaning, and landscaping. Once we settle on the necessary improvements, Compass will cover the upfront costs. The seller will contract directly with qualified home improvement service providers and then Compass Concierge will pay for the work. Compass will collect payment for the services rendered at the time of the home’s closing.

By investing in a home’s potential, we will provide a faster, easier, and more profitable sale for the seller.

The Bottom Line

Compass is all about making the real estate process easier for clients. We see these strategies working day in and day out. These Compass offerings, combined with our team’s knowledge and vast experience, provide a seamless and dare we say, fun, real estate experience!

Thinking about a move? We’d be honored to help. Please reach out today and let’s start the conversation.

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