Client Case Study: Downsizing With No Place to Go

March 18, 2017 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

Client Case Study:

Downsizing With No Place to Go


N. was a recently widowed Goodhart Group client. She’d been living in her single-family house for many years and had been thinking about downsizing. She decided it was time to make the move. Her goal was to be walkable to local restaurants and also to Metro so she could easily visit museums or go to events in the city.


N. had her eye on a specific condo building in Alexandria. Once she decided to make the downsizing move, we keep a close eye on the building for any units coming on the market. We watched the building for months and months. Not one unit came on the market!


It was time to get creative and take the next step. As is our practice, we worked our contacts and network of fellow agents and clients. We spread the word that we had an eager client for a condo in this building. We received a couple of leads, to which we quickly responded. N. opted to pursue one of them and purchased her dream condo.

She avoided waiting for a unit to come on the market and then dealing with what would likely have been a competitive situation.

The seller was thrilled to sell the unit without having to do a lot of work to get it ready.

N. also had to sell her home. We connected her with a reputable lender for a bridge loan that allowed her to purchase the condo before selling the house.


The time was right for N. to make her desired downsizing move but inventory was lacking. With some creative work on our end, we were able to find her the home of her dreams and a great way to finance it. N. could not be happier in her new condo!

Are you ready for a move? Not finding what you want? Please reach out. Working for you behind the scenes is one of our specialties. Our passion is helping people love where they love. We’d love to help you too!

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