documents keep closing

Documents to Keep After Closing (and Why!)

Even in this electronic/digital age, you will leave your settlement appointment with a hefty load of paperwork and documents! Much of it you will not need, but here are the key documents you want to…


Breaking Down Your Online Home Search

Zillow, Trulia,,, brokerage websites…the options for your online home search are almost endless. It can be very overwhelming. Trying to read the descriptions can make it seem as if you’re reading a foreign…


dc market millennials

Is the DC Market Good for Millennials?

The Washington, DC area is indisputably a fantastic place for millennials (those ages 18-35) to live and it is getting better by the day. With our new title of Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the…


hire realtor buying

Do I Really Need a Realtor When Buying a Home?

Many buyers are under the impression they don’t need to hire a Realtor when buying a home. While we have certainly come across many unrepresented buyers in our years of experience, we do not recommend this option.…


don't find

Help! I Can’t Find What I’m Looking For…

If you are an active home buyer or starting the process soon, it’s important to know what to do when your search is taking longer than you had hoped. While it can be frustrating when…


choosing Realtor

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Realtor

Let’s be honest. Most of you put more time and energy into finding a hairdresser than you do into choosing your Realtor. Think I’m kidding? I’m not! How many of you (especially ladies) would dare go…


preparing listing appointment

Preparing for Your Listing Appointment

When prospective clients call or email us to request an appointment to talk about listing their home, they often ask, ”Is there is anything I (or we) need to do be preparing for the appointment?”…


fall buying selling

Beat the Fall Real Estate Rush

Thinking about a buying or selling this Fall?  Now is the time to get prepared! IF YOU’RE SELLING When you’re planning on selling a property, the earlier we meet to talk about the process, the…