Tips for Working With Your Kids at Home

Tips for Working With Your Kids at Home

October 20, 2020 | Living With Heart | By: The Goodhart Group

8 Tips For Working From Home With Kids



1. Create a Schedule

Sit down each morning with your children and create a schedule of what the day is going to look like.


2. Get Up and Move

It’s helpful to mix in gross motor movement and quiet time. For gross motor activities, consider fort building, indoor hopscotch or using hula hoops.


3. Schedule Time to Be With Your Kids

Even if the family is in the same house together all day, that doesn’t mean kids are getting the level of interaction they crave from adults.


4. Embrace Technology

Kids are social creatures, and there are many technological tools that allow people to stay in touch today, from FaceTime to playing games together online


5. If your Child Has Special Needs, Reach Out to Their Schools

Children with special needs will especially benefit from predictability at home.


6. Be Mindful of How You Talk to Kids About Covid-19

Talk to your kids about Covid-19 in a way that’s not scary, yet communicates the seriousness of the situation.


7. Be On the Lookout for Anxiety

If your child is acting out, know that many of these behaviors could be related to anxiety over the current situation.


8. Look For Silver Linings

This experience can teach children how to deal with disappointment and be more flexible, which is a vital skill in life.