title search

The Title Search: What You Need to Know

The title search is an essential part of the period between ratifying the contract on a new home and settlement.

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Bitcoin and real estate

Bitcoin and Real Estate: What It Is and What it Means for the Industry

If you’ve been wondering, “What on earth is this Bitcoin thing I keep hearing about?” rest assured, you’re not alone! Bitcoin is a purely digital, encrypted form of currency. This new-ish (2009) currency operates peer-to-peer,…

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Documents You Need When Selling a Home

While you are organizing, packing, and clearing out for your move, be sure to set aside the following documents you need when selling a home.

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title insurance cost

Title Insurance – Is it Worth the Cost?

Title Insurance – Is it Worth the Cost? Before settlement, you should decide if you would like to purchase title insurance and if so, which type of insurance you would like to obtain. The cost…

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