Reasons for Buying a Home in the Winter | The Goodhart Group

Reasons to Buy a Home Before the End of the Year

Thinking about a buying a home in the near future? You may want to buy even sooner than planned -- before the end of the year. Here are our top reasons to buy a home…

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First-time Home Buyers

A Financial Guide for First-time Home Buyers

As a first time buyer, there’s plenty you need to know. You’re about to make the largest financial investment of your life, but with our Financial Guide for First-time Home Buyers, you’ll have all of…

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2018 real estate market

Our 2018 Real Estate Market Predictions

Sue and I spent the month of January gearing up for another busy year in real estate! I went to New York City for a few days for the Inman News Conference, a gathering of…

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new tax bill

The New Tax Bill – What Does It Mean for Homeowners?

What does the new tax bill mean for homeowners? Since real estate is one of the key areas of change in the bill, everyone is asking us, “What does the new tax bill mean for…

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The Decision to Cross the River from DC to VA – Are You Ready?

I can clearly remember when I first started considering a DC to VA move from my 650-square-foot, third-floor walk-up, renovated condo in the heart of DC (that I loved) to something a little larger in…

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Your Real Estate Tax Assessment: What Does It Mean? | Goodhart Group

Your Real Estate Tax Assessment – What Does It Mean?

Along with your 2019 tax documents arriving each day, you may have or will soon receive your city or county real estate tax assessment. This tax assessment is quite different from an appraisal done when…

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To Buy or Not to Buy? Renting vs Owning in DC 2018 | Goodhart Group

To Buy or Not to Buy? Renting vs Buying in DC & Metro Area

The decision about renting vs owning in DC & the metro area is a highly personal one. It includes many factors such as the status of your savings (or access to gift funds from a…

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post election

Post Election: The Real Estate Market & Where We Go From Here

It’s now a month post election and the dust has (mostly) settled. So, everyone is asking – what impact will the new administration have on the market? Our answer? It depends who you talk to……

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