Buying the Home You Are Renting

Buying the Home You Are Renting: A Client Case Study

Buying the home you are renting sounds like an easy thing, right? Not always. Here is how The Goodhart Group helped a recent client navigate this process and secure their dream home.

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military move to DC

A Military Move to DC: Buy or Rent?

When making a military move to DC, this decision can be especially challenging. Here is what you need to know.

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To Buy or Not to Buy? Renting vs Owning in DC 2018 | Goodhart Group

To Buy or Not to Buy? Renting vs Buying in DC & Metro Area

The decision about renting vs owning in DC & the metro area is a highly personal one. It includes many factors such as the status of your savings (or access to gift funds from a…

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renting home inauguration

Renting Out Your Home for the Inauguration

All eyes will soon be on Washington, DC for the upcoming presidential inauguration and a million people are expected to flood into the Nation’s Capital, both for the inauguration and various protest events, creating a…

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The Best New Alexandria Restaurants in 2018 | The Goodhart Group

Is the DC Market Good for Millennials?

The Washington, DC area is indisputably a fantastic place for millennials (those ages 18-35) to live and it is getting better by the day. With our new title of Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the…

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election DC market

Clinton v. Trump: What This Race Means for the DC Real Estate Market

CLINTON V. TRUMP How Presidential Elections – and this race in particular – affect the real estate market in the DC Metro Area.   Most people believe when a new administration comes into office after an…

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short term rentals Alexandria

Short Term Rentals in Alexandria

Are you new to the Alexandria/DC area and want to get a feel for it before buying a home? Or perhaps you sold your home and haven’t found that perfect next home yet. Here at…

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