New Year's Eve in DC

Top Events for New Year’s Eve in DC and Beyond

Still need a plan for New Year's Eve in DC? The Goodhart Group has you covered with the best activities for New Year's Eve (and Day!) in the DMV.

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Best Brunch in Bethesda, MA: Our Top Picks | The Goodhart Group

The Best Bethesda Brunch Options

From sweet to savory, we have sampled some of our favorite Bethesda brunch options. Here are some of our team’s favorites!

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new tax bill

The New Tax Bill – What Does It Mean for Homeowners?

What does the new tax bill mean for homeowners? Since real estate is one of the key areas of change in the bill, everyone is asking us, “What does the new tax bill mean for…

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Sports and Fitness in the DC Area

Sports and Fitness in the DC Area: Susan’s Top 25

The Washington, DC area is a great place for sports and fitness fanatics. There is no shortage of places to do or watch your favorite physical activities. Check out Susan's Top 25!

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hikes around DC

The Best Hikes Around DC

November 17 is “Take a Hike” Day! This annual event, sponsored by the American Hiking Society, is devoted to celebrating hiking across our country. Living in the very urban Washington, DC area, you may not…

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dc golf

National Golf Month – DC Style

Did you know that August is National Golf Month? If you are a golfer living in the Washington DC area, consider yourself lucky! The Washington DC region offers a truly amazing range of options for…

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Weekend Getaway: Spring Staycation Perfection

Is your family staying in the D.C. area for spring break? Do you have lots of time to fill? Here are a few interesting and/or new places and activities we’ve come across to try: Escape…

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