seasonal events in Alexandria VA

The Best Seasonal Events in Alexandria VA

Throughout the year, there are so many fantastic seasonal events in Alexandria VA. While there are always some new and exciting events, that are several staples of the Alexandria community that occur faithfully year after year.…

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roof check

November Tip of the Month – Your Annual Roof Check

November is the perfect month to get out your ladder and do a roof check for any damage or leaks. You’ll want to do this before the first snowstorm, as snow can cause troublesome leaks as…

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october tip trees

October Tip of the Month – Tree Maintenance

While fall foliage is at its peak this month, use this time as a reminder to check on the health and growth of your trees. While trees may seem low maintenance, you cannot simply ignore…

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tip inspections

Tip of the Month – Schedule Annual Inspections

Photo: The lovely fireplace at our listing at 307 W. Walnut Street.   Now that summer vacations are over and you have a bit more time, schedule the annual maintenance inspections for your home in September. Such inspections include…

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