VA home Loan benefit

Top 10 Reasons to Use Your VA Home Loan Benefit

The VA Home Loan benefit is the most powerful home loan program for Veterans and Servicemembers. Here are top reasons to use your VA Home Loan Benefit.

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reasons can't buy house

“I Can’t Buy a House Because…“

Renters, take heart. You too CAN buy a house, even in our relatively pricey DC market. In talking with people in their 20’s and early 30’s, we often hear their reasons for why they have…

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The Best New Alexandria Restaurants in 2018 | The Goodhart Group

Is the DC Market Good for Millennials?

The Washington, DC area is indisputably a fantastic place for millennials (those ages 18-35) to live and it is getting better by the day. With our new title of Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the…

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How Credit Scores Affect Your Mortgage – And What to Do About It!

Last month, we promised to talk about credit scores and how they can impact the cost of your mortgage. Lenders look at Credit scores as a decisive factor in approving a loan so it is…

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Starting the Conversation with a Lender…& What to Look For

When beginning the home buying process, one of the first things you should do is contact a lender to get pre-qualified. It’s important to know what you qualify for and what you are comfortable spending per month…

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You Don’t Need 20% Down and Perfect Credit to Buy a Home!

Most Americans believe that saving for a down payment is their biggest obstacle to purchasing a home. A recent survey by Ipsos Public Affairs and Wells Fargo & Company found the following: While 64% of…

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