halloween in alexandria

Halloween in Alexandria

I have always loved Halloween in Alexandria. My memories of the holiday take me back to trick or treating in Del Ray as a very young kid. Several neighbors took the time to create haunted…

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Life with a Toddler: What You Need in Your Home

As your newborn turns into a toddler, your life and your housing needs get a little more complicated!  He or she will become a lot more mobile and start taking up more space in your…

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bringing a newborn home

Life with a Newborn: What You Need in Your Home

Before bringing a newborn home, there are so many things to consider!  Chief among them is housing. Is it time to buy your first home? Should you leave the city and go to the suburbs?…

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2018 real estate market

Our 2018 Real Estate Market Predictions

Sue and I spent the month of January gearing up for another busy year in real estate! I went to New York City for a few days for the Inman News Conference, a gathering of…

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The Decision to Cross the River from DC to VA – Are You Ready?

I can clearly remember when I first started considering a DC to VA move from my 650-square-foot, third-floor walk-up, renovated condo in the heart of DC (that I loved) to something a little larger in…

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turn your home into a smart home

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home This Weekend

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home – This Weekend! Nothing is hotter in the world of home improvements than smart home technology – sales for these products are up 50% year over year and…

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dream home

Sorry… Your First Home is NOT Your Dream Home

A letter from Allison Goodhart to millennials about how they CAN find and buy their dream homes.

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picking wrong agent

Why Picking the Wrong Agent Can Cost You Money…or your Dream Home

In the last few weeks, the spring market has really started to heat up. Many newly minted “agents” are throwing their hat into the ring to make, what they think, is a quick buck. As…

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