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Selling Your Home in the Fall: What You Need to Know

September 7, 2022 | Selling Your Home | By: Sue

Most homeowners planning to sell their homes in the not-too-distant future think it is best to wait until the spring market to list their homes. The conventional wisdom is that more buyers are looking in the spring months, so the odds of selling your home in the spring at your desired price are better. That is not always the case! Below are some of the reasons why selling in the fall, especially in the fall of 2022, is a smart move. 

Buyers are More Serious

While many people tend to move in the spring and early summer to line up with the new school year, that’s not the only time of year people need to move. Particularly in our area, people need to move at all times of the year, especially those with a position in the military or government. These buyers are often fast house hunters as they have to move in by a certain date and have little time to browse the market. While in the summer we see more “lookie-loos,” the fall presents much more serious buyers. Of course we have the usual buyers and sellers moving due to life changes. While yes, there may be fewer buyers in the fall market than in the lightning-fast spring market, there are more SERIOUS buyers looking in the fall than at any other time of the year.

Less Inventory

Our area is in a major inventory crunch. With the fall market typically quieter than the spring, this gives you the chance to stand out. A smaller housing inventory means the odds of a buyer wanting YOUR home increase (and could even turn into a multiple offer situation).The inventory of available homes in our area is still very low, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. 

 But don’t wait too long!  Buyers start to become distracted by Mid-December. Listing in September, October and early November is best.  We can help you get your home on the market quickly, contact me now if you want to discuss.

Wear and Tear

The winter months can be tough on a home.  Over thirty years we have had countless clients wish they had sold before the winter ice storms created problems. Your home often needs more work after the winter than it did before. Wood rot, gutter issues that turn into water issues in your home, and plaster and drywall cracking are just some of the house repair items that show up.

If you’re thinking about making a move, whether it’s this fall, in the winter, or the spring, we would be happy to chat with you! It’s never too early to start planning. Please email me at or call me at (703) 362-3221, and we can get to work!



If you are considering selling your home in the fall, please reach out now to get started! We’ve helped hundreds of home sellers over our 30 years of experience and would love to help you too.

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