Sleepy Hollow History

1.1 miles south-southeast of Falls Church, Sleepy Hollows has history dating all the way back to 1719 to when the land was claimed by Lord Fairfax which ended up being left to Virginia when he died in 1781. Before the land was developed it was used as farmland and later sold to developers who made it to the Sleepy Hollows that everyone knows today.

Sleepy Hollow Real Estate

Homes started being built in 1959 with a mix of styles that were originally known as the Raleigh, Wakefield, Yorktown and the Winchester. Now the homes are commonly called the Rambler, Bi-level, and Split Level. Sleepy Hollows has a wide range of homes for everyone.

Sleepy Hollow Community

Cozy little community with lots of history and a feeling like your distant from civilization but yet so close. When someone needs a hand neighbors are always more than happy to lend help and makes sure everyone feels welcome.

Sleepy Hollow Favorites

Some of the local favorites include Taco Bamba and Chasin’ Tails. If you are looking for great tasting tacos or fresh seafood there are a variety of restaurants that always make the neighbors go back.



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