Shirlington, in South Arlington, near Interstate 395 and the City of Alexandria is a small neighborhood that offers both residential and commercial real estate. Shirlington is just six miles from the District and less than four miles to historic Old Town Alexandria.

Shirlington History

Shirlington began in 1944 when Joseph Cherner, a local automobile dealer and banker, built a shopping center to serve the nearby Fairlington and Parkfairfax neighborhoods. In the 1980s, Shirlington was renovated to create a “traditional main street” along South 28th Street.

Shirlington Real Estate

Shirlington real estate consists primarily of newer condos and townhomes.

Shirlington Community

Shirlington is home to many shops and restaurants, such as Palette 22 and Damn Good Burger Co., a branch of the Arlington County Library, Signature Theater, an AMC Shirlington movie theater, a Harris Teeter, and WETA, the leading public broadcasting station in the nation’s capital. The Shirlington Dog Park, along Four Mile Run, is a popular destinations for residents. Astro Beer Hall sponsors an annual Oktoberfest in Shirlington, which draws beer lovers from all over the area.



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