Falls Church is located just six miles from the Nation’s Capital, inside the Capital Beltway. It is conveniently located near Routes 29 and 50, I-66, and Wilson Boulevard to the east. Note: Falls Church is an independent city with its own government and school system; there is also a part of Falls Church that lies within Fairfax County.

With its blended rural and suburban lifestyle, many parks and community events, it’s not hard to see why it is frequently named one of CNN’s Top 100 Places to live in the US.

Falls Church - Fairfax County Favorites

Dine at one of the many restaurants on Broad Street such as Spacebar for creative grilled cheese sandwiches and beer or Plaka Grill for modern Greek fare. Then make your way to the classic 1936 movie house, The State Theater, for a night of live music such as the Legwarmers, a 1980s tribute band.

Falls Church - Fairfax County Community

The Falls Church farmers market is just one of many community events in Falls Church. Other long-standing community gatherings include Concerts in the Park, Sunset Cinema, the Tinner Hill Blues Festival, a Memorial Day Parade and Festival, and an Independence Day Celebration.

Falls Church - Fairfax County Real Estate

The City of Falls Church offers a variety of neighborhoods, featuring a wide selection of condos, townhomes, and single-family residences.

Falls Church - Fairfax County History

Named for “The Falls Church,” an 18th-century Anglican Parish, Falls Church was a rural farming community throughout most of the 19th century. Its large land plantations were sub-divided into smaller farms growing wheat, corn, potatoes, and fruit for area markets. Falls Church also has a rich Civil War history, with six marked stops along the Civil War Trail.

The actual community began to make wind in 1734 with the main focus being the Episcopal church. Falls Church became an independent city in 1948 to develop a school system they thought would provide more benefits to its students. Today it is home to many museums, shops, and restaurants that the locals enjoy because of its diversity and culture. Its close proximity to our nation’s capital also gives another option for locals to venture out and have plenty of options on how to enjoy their time.


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