At just over two square miles, the City of Falls Church is Virginia’s smallest independent city. Due to its small size, many locals refer to it as the Small City. Its 14,000 residents enjoy a charming downtown area with many popular restaurants and shops. The State Theater, housed in a former movie theater, is home to full lineup of live music shows and private events. Though geographically situated in Fairfax County, Falls Church City has its own government and school system. 

Local Favorites

The State Theatre is a local favorite. Built in 1936, it has been a staple for the community. It was reopened in 1988 as a movie theatre and was reopened in 1999 as an event hall. Although it has gone through many changes, it remains a focal point in the Small City. 

Local Community

Although small, the City of Falls Church has various parks throughout the city. The 14 parks offer walking, biking and running trails as well as volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. The City of Falls Church also offers a composting program and workshops and strives to become a green city with innovative environmental programs for its residents.


Local Real Estate
The City of Falls Church is composed of various styles of homes.


Local History

Before becoming the modern day “Little City” the City of Falls Church was mostly a wooded area and was noted on the first routes of the Great Ridge trail. In 1724 Lord Fairfax transferred a sizable portion of his land (also including most of the land that makes up the City of Falls Church) to Simon Pearson and the land was settled shortly after.

City of Falls Church Map