How Seller Offer Deadlines Can Backfire in Real Estate Transactions

October 26, 2023 | Real Estate | By: The Goodhart Group

In the competitive real estate market, listing agents often employ various strategies to attract buyers and secure the best possible offers for their sellers. One common tactic is setting offer deadlines to create a sense of urgency among potential buyers. While setting an offer deadline can often encourage multiple offers causing fewer contingencies and a higher sales price, sellers should be aware of the potential risks associated with offer deadlines. In this blog, we will explore how offer deadlines can potentially backfire for sellers, leaving them with no offers and missed opportunities. Please keep in mind that whether or not you should set a deadline varies depending on the situation. It’s always best to discuss with your Realtor!

Missed Opportunity for Quick High Offers:

When a seller receives a high offer quickly after the home goes on the market, it can be tempting to wait until the offer deadline to allow for more potential offers. However, this strategy carries the risk of losing out on buyers who are ready to commit immediately, and who often bring a strong offer to ensure that their offer does get accepted before others have the chance to put an offer in. By delaying the acceptance of a strong offer, sellers run the risk of those buyers finding alternative properties and moving on, resulting in missed opportunities.

Buyer Frustration and Loss of Interest:

Buyers who are asked to wait until the offer deadline may become frustrated and lose interest if they find other appealing options in the meantime. In a competitive market, buyers are often actively searching for properties and may have limited patience when it comes to waiting for an offer response. Or they could worry that they’ll have to compete and withdraw their offer.  By imposing an offer deadline, sellers risk alienating motivated buyers who are unwilling to wait and may choose to pursue other properties instead.

The Bottom Line:

While offer deadlines can create a sense of urgency and potentially attract multiple offers, sellers must carefully consider the risks involved. Waiting for the offer deadline can result in missed opportunities, frustrated buyers, and limited exposure. Sellers should weigh the benefits of generating competition against the potential downsides and consult with their agent to determine the best approach for their specific situation. By balancing urgency with flexibility, sellers can increase their chances of securing a favorable offer and achieving a successful real estate transaction.


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