How Our Team Gives Back

November 24, 2021 | Lifestyle & Community | By: The Goodhart Group

This time of year we take a moment to think about what we have to be thankful for in our lives. The two years have brought into focus gratitude and made it more than just an exercise. Gratitude simply means the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. We have all made sacrifices and been challenged both mentally and physically by Covid. Some more than others. One of our clients lost three family members to Covid which caused them to reshape their lives  and move closer to family.  People have closed businesses, lost jobs, and been harmed financially. As life has been returning to normal, not all have had the same chance to experience economic recovery. 

There are organizations in Alexandria that take care of many who are struggling in ways not everyone can appreciate. Here are some of my favorite groups that do incredible work in our City:

Carpenter’s Shelter works with homeless families and individuals and works to find them permanent housing. At their new location their capacity to serve those escaping abusive relationships or the streets has increased. You can donate to Carpenter’s Shelter at 

Allison and I have been part of The Fund for Alexandria’s Child for many years. Helping the City’s foster children until they head for college, the impact of this organization is tremendous. Adopt a child or family for the holidays on their website at

The Campagna Center sponsors the Scottish Walk Weekend to benefit children and adults in the City. Their many programs include Head Start, Wright to Read, New Neighbors and after school care at the city schools. Both Allison and I have volunteered with this organization and are so impressed with the breadth of their programs. Visit their website on ways you can help.

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria provides college scholarships for students in need. We are proud to have a scholarship in our name. You can too at

St. Coletta of Greater Washington, dear to my heart, serves children and adults with developmental disabilities. I have been President of the Board for a number of years.  You often see our adults walking in Old Town to worksites and the Metro. The adults also make beautiful items that make great gifts! Help St. Coletta at 

Together We Bake empowers women who have been through tough times. Those in the program are taught comprehensive workforce training and personal development. They make the best cookies and granola. Be sure to buy some to support this outstanding group on their website at

Finally, Friends of Guest House. A place for women who have been incarcerated to make a new life for themselves.  An incredible program! You can provide items that help improve self esteem for women who come to the program with very little but the clothes on their back. Send a give by shopping their need list here at

I would encourage you to find a way to help these organizations as they do tremendous work to help others in our communities. For more info on these organizations and where you can donate, head to our blog at