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Client Case Study: Selling Without the Work

June 5, 2017 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

Client Case Study: Selling Without the Work

The Client

K is a professional woman, nearing retirement age. Her busy career and life changes had not allowed her the time to update her home as she had planned. K was perfectly comfortable in her home, and loved her (very desirable) neighborhood. However, she knew if she wanted to realize her dream of selling and retiring to a more affordable area, she would need to do a lot of work. She saw one of our newsletters that mentioned our expertise in “as is” sales and reached out.

The Problem

K did not have the necessary time or energy for the work needed to prepare her home for sale. She also wanted to stay in the home for a while as she wrapped up her career and planned her retirement move.

Compounding K’s situation was the fact that she had purchased her home at the peak of the market. She really needed to get top dollar for her home to take her next steps.

We met with K and talked through her many options and the various scenarios. We talked about selling the home “as is,” and what she could expect to sell it for in its current condition. Also, we discussed her doing the needed updates and how much those updates would cost and what the difference in the sales price might be.

K decided to first try selling the home in “as is” condition.

How We Helped

K’s home was in an ideal location in a very sought-after neighborhood and we knew it would hold great appeal to many house hunters. We also knew it was prime “project material” for our many builder clients that do major renovations and new construction. So our first step (before putting on the market) was to float K’s “as is” home to these builders and contractors.

We showed the home to several clients we thought would have interest. Many were excited about the home, knowing they could use the home’s existing footprint to create essentially a new construction home.

The Outcome

The home sold very quickly — soon after we actively started marketing it to builders. K got the price she wanted without ever having to put the home on the market! Perhaps just as importantly, K and the buyer were able to negotiate a settlement date that worked well for both of them. K could have the time in the home she needed while our buyer planned the new home’s design and pursued the needed permits and approvals.

The home recently went to settlement. K is getting settled in her new city and loving retirement!

Thinking of selling but overwhelmed with the thought? Please contact us to discuss how we can help!

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