Is Condo Living Right for Me?

Are you thinking about buying a condo? Condo living can be fabulous, but it’s certainly not for everyone. There are a lot of factors you should consider if you’re considering the condo route. Read on…

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buying an investment condo

Buying an Investment Condo

When buying an investment condo, there are many factors to take into consideration. Investment condo buyers can face special financing requirements, rental restrictions, and management issues.

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closing costs when buying a home

Closing Costs When Buying a Home

Closing costs when buying a home are a fact of life. While buyers cannot avoid these significant fees, they can ask the seller in the contract offer to cover some or all on settlement day

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Making an Offer on a Condo

Making an Offer on a Condo: The Top Four Things to Know

Making an offer a condo can be quite different from buying a house. There are many extra considerations that can be overwhelming and sometimes nerve-wracking.

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Condo Buildings

Condo Buildings – Which Kind is Right for You?

When you start your search for the perfect condo, you’ll quickly learn that there are several types of condo buildings from which to choose.

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How To Buy a Home

How to Buy a Home: 5 Steps to Take Before You’re Ready to Buy

Whatever your idea of homeownership is, now is the time to start planning for it.

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Steps to Home Ownership

Want to Buy a House One Day? Here are 5 Things to do NOW to Prepare.

We always counsel first-time buyers to start the process early. By doing all of the legwork early, buyers can take quick action when they find “the” home.

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New Construction in Alexandria Fairfax County

There's a lot to report on the hot new construction projects in Alexandria Fairfax County! From condos to single family homes...

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