I couldn’t be happier with my Goodhart Group experience. They have every aspect of the homebuying process covered flawlessly. I felt comfortable with each decision I made because I was given complete and sound advice from the team. I was almost sad to stop spending Saturdays with Sara house-hunting. Allison helped me work through tough decisions (also making them feel less tough) and was flexible and gracious when I was a needy first-time buyer. Marty patiently guided me through two different home inspections, making a stressful process actually seem fun. Once I was under contract, Sam made sure every piece went through smoothly to closing. She was incredibly responsive during a very tight turnaround between going under contract and closing.

You don’t build such a great business without being the best, but needless to say, Sue’s experience shown through when we needed to make a few very difficult decisions.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the work this group put into helping me find the perfect place. I highly recommend them.