An Opportunity for a Lower Interest Rate Today

September 7, 2023 | Buying a Home | By: The Goodhart Group

As of this writing interest rates for conventional loans are around 7.5%, so what can you do to get a lower interest rate? Read on to find out! 

We know everyone likes a 30 year interest rate however there is an opportunity to have a lower rate today. A local community lender, John Marshall Bank, offers a 6 year fixed rate product that has a lower interest rate (than a 30 year fixed rate) and then adjusts after 6 years. The beauty of this plan is that at the 6th year, the rate will lock for another 5 years.This loan product is called an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). They are offered by many lenders, however a typical ARM, called a 7/1 ARM, adjusts after 7 years and then every year after that. This special 6/5 ARM allows you to pay a lower fixed rate around 6.125% for the first 6 years of your mortgage and then the rate will change every 5 years based on current 5 year US treasury rate at the time plus a 2.5% margin (for example the current 5 year treasury rate is 4.37% + 2.5% = 6.87%). 

Who is this product great for? 

  • Someone who will only be in their home for 5 years.
  • Someone who needs a lower rate now and can refinance if the rates improve.

Why is this product great?

  • Current 30 year fixed rates are high at around 7.5%, and this ARM allows you to have a rate of about 6.125% for the next 6 years. You’d be saving at a rate of around 1.375% per month (versus a conventional 30 year loan), so using the ARM you are saving 1.375% per month X 6 years. That is a large chunk of money over 6 years!  Furthermore, in 6 years you will have paid down principle and gained equity. In our market, values are going to keep increasing so the equity gained will increase. For example, if you paid a $500k loan down to $460 over 6 years you’ve gained equity, but also your home is now worth $540k just by virtue of the market in the DMV. 
  • This 6/5 ARM product remains the same for any home price. 

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a better rate, consider non-conventional options. The 6/5 ARM can be a great option for someone who doesn’t plan to be in their home for longer than 5-6 years, or for someone who needs a lower interest rate now. Don’t forget you can always refinance if rates decrease in the future!


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