Steps to Selling Your Home | The Goodhart Group

We’ve been selling homes in the Washington, DC area for over 20 years, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there’s always a lot to learn. Whether you’re moving from your starter home to upsize, or selling your long time family home to downsize, we’re working with you every step of the way.

We know it’s so much more than just a house. That’s why we always aim to make this tough process as easy as possible, allowing you to smoothly transition into the next stage of your life.

Why Should You Choose Us?

All real estate agents will tell you they’ll get you the most amount of money in the least amount of time because who wouldn’t want that? And yes, we’re telling you the same thing. So what makes us different? Well, it’s our record-breaking sales and unparalleled experience. We’ve sold over 1,500 homes through our local expertise, dedicated team members, and innovative marketing strategies.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose to sell your home with us:

Our Expert Team

They say two heads are better than one. Well, what about ten heads? From agents to listing managers, to trusted professionals in the community; we’re always listening to your needs to help you get to the next step. Our specialized team is available seven days a week, and with decades of industry experience and community insight, you’ll always receive solid advice you can trust.

Our Local Connections

Over the years, we’ve built trusting relationships with other real estate agents in the area to create an extensive network of industry professionals, all working for you. When we’re listing your house, we reach out to these agents so that we can quickly and successfully match your house with the best buyer.

Our Innovative Marketing

When we’re selling your home, we know that the best marketing strategy begins before any pictures are even taken. The first step is looking at staging solutions; never underestimate the power of proper furniture arrangement and a fresh coat of paint. These things bring your house to its full potential, making it easier to advertise, and quicker to sell. Once your house is looking its best, we use our unique, ahead of the curve marketing method that’s proven to get the job done. We envision the ideal buyer that would best suit the home, and target our marketing specifically to them.

Our Consistent Dedication

Selling your home is about more than just listing a house and hoping for the best. It’s an investment on all sides and requires constant communication and honesty. When we’re selling your home, we ensure you’ll never be left in the dark. We continually provide you with feedback from potential buyers and agents, and give you weekly updates on the state of the market, with specialized action plans to get your home sold.

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