dc real estate market

What to Expect in the DC Area Real Estate Market

We work with many buyers moving to the DC area from other parts of the country. While just about everyone is prepared for the sky-high housing prices in our region, most are not aware of…


Selling an Inherited House

Client Case Study: Selling an Inherited House

F was a dear friend of The Goodhart Group. Sue had been in discussions with her about finally retiring and downsizing from her home to a condo. Sadly, F passed away unexpectedly...


dog friendly neighborhood

A Dog Friendly Neighborhood – The Five Key Signs

Are you looking for a dog friendly neighborhood? You’re not alone! If you’re in the 44% of American households with a dog and looking for a new neighborhood for you and your pooch to call…


buying a house with a pool

Buying a House with a Pool: The Four Key Things You Need to Know

Pools. With our 25 years in real estate, we can definitively say that no other home feature generates such strong reactions-- positive and negative -- as a swimming pool.


selling without work

Client Case Study: Selling Without the Work

Client Case Study: Selling Without the Work The Client K is a professional woman, nearing retirement age. Her busy career and life changes had not allowed her the time to update her home as she…


stages of house hunting

The Five Stages of House Hunting

Check out the self help section of any bookstore and you’re likely to find several books that start with “The Five Stages of (FILL IN THE BLANK)”. Yes, just about every major life event has…


moving an aging parent

Moving An Aging Parent: What You Need To Know

The reasons are endless for moving an agent parent. While no move is easy, this one can be especially challenging. We thought we’d share our best tips for moving an aging parent that we’ve learned…


How to Dejunk Your Home

How to Dejunk Your Home – with Today’s Technology

How to Dejunk Your Home – with Today’s Technology Today’s world is so technologically advanced. Just about any task can be done online or on your mobile device. From turning up the heat in your…