Team Review: Sam’s Visit to Hank’s Pasta Bar

February 29, 2016 | Inside Alexandria | By: Sam Tagert

As a frequent customer of Hank’s Oyster Bar on King Street, I was very excited to try Hank’s Pasta Bar that recently opened up at 600 Montgomery Street. I was not disappointed!

We stopped by on a Thursday night and since we did not call ahead we decided to eat at the bar. If you prefer to wait for a table, you can use the NOWAIT APP to add your name to the wait list (or call 571-312-4117). While it’s not a reservation per se, it will shorten your wait time and speed up the process. You can also track how many parties are ahead of your table on the app so you can time your arrival at the restaurant.

Hank’s Pasta Bar offers a very nice atmosphere.

It was quite busy but the space did not feel overly crowded. There is a lounge area with comfortable seating and the beautiful bar in front and the dining room is in the back.

We started out with crostini and opted for three toppings: garlic and tomato, goat cheese, and shrimp and pesto. All were excellent! We ordered the fettuccine bolognese and the orecchiette pesto; both dishes were fabulous. The homemade pasta was delicious and the portion sizes were perfect. There are a plenty of non-pasta options on the menu so if you are not a pasta lover, don’t let the name keep you away. They offer a whole oven roasted fish, braised veal, and grilled ribeye to name just a few other options. There is a gluten-free pasta option as well. If you are a party of four or more, you can order three to five pasta dishes to share as a table, which is a nice option.

Our service at the bar was absolutely wonderful and I look forward to the warmer months when Hank’s patio will be open.

I plan to work my way through their extensive wine list outdoors!

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